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Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am a stay at home dad/online college student (in business management). Daily, I juggle my schooling, blog, and take care of my three children and wife. It all started in December of 2014 when my wife asked me to make sure that the kids have a good Christmas this year. We were always a family that had a limited income, and could only afford a few gifts per kid at Christmas time each year. So this year, I began to search diligently the internet for different ways to buy more and save money. I spent a long time on the computer each day and found a lot of awesome deals. I decided why let my hard work go to waste? Because I found so many awesome deals, I decided to start a blog to help other families provide a better Christmas for their kids and to help others save money year around. I, on average spend at least 10 hours a day researching/finding the best deals possible from major retailers and posting them. I hope that my blog helps families save money like it helped me. Just let us know by pressing like on Facebook.  –Jeremy.

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